Everything to Know about Roku – Roku FAQs

Roku is a widely used streaming device and software all throughout the world. Users usually ask different questions about Roku that range from how it works, to how to install a certain addon on it. That is why we decided to dedicate this section to the most recurrent questions and provide an answer to them. We will keep adding on to this list of questions whenever we find new one. If you have a question that has to do with Roku that is not included in this Roku FAQs, please let us know so we can add it.

What is Roku?

When we say Roku, we may refer to either the media streaming devices that Roku, Inc, or the software that help play media file formats, and which is used by all Roku streaming devices. The name Roku comes from Japanese and indicates number “six”. The reason founder Anthony Woods chose this names was simple: Roku Inc is his sixth company.

The first model to see sunlight was Roku VDP N1000, which was crafted in partnership with Netflex. Since then, Roku products invaded the media market, developing the reputation as both reliable streaming media and cost-effective in the realm of set-top boxes.

Roku is perhaps the most affordable, basic, and easiest way to watch you TV, if you are unwilling to pay the relatively high prices of cable TV subscriptions.

How does Roku work?

Though Roku has multiple devices that differ in both performance and price tags, setting up the device is similar throughout all versions. You first need an internet connection; this sounds obvious as Roku is streaming player that rely on internet. Either you have Ethernet cable for a hard wired connection or using WiFi both should work fine.

The process of installing Roku is one of the most easiest ones, and it depends on guided installing which consists of basically choosing a language, Region, internet connection, and browsing roku.com/link and filling in a code displayed on your TV. Then you create an account, and that is all!
You have a remote control that you purchased with your roku device; use it to navigate and scroll to the channel you would like to watch and click on it. That is how straightforward Roku interface is.

Is Roku worth it?

Well, first if you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows while bringing down the TV cost at the same time, the answer is a big YES. Roku is great for people who watch few hours a day TV programs, and do not want to pay much for cable or satellite subscriptions.

With Roku, you can stream any video or audio directly in your TV. It is also incredibly faster in streaming, with flexible, easy to navigate interface.

Can you use Roku without the internet?

The truth is tha Roku is internet based streaming device. This is what it was made for in the first place. To enjoy TV shows using Roku, you absolutely need access to an internet connection.

With no such access, you are left with very limited options. One of these options is to use your phone or tablet as data source planner creating a network between it and the Roku to play some media content you have on your source device.

What are the best free channels on Roku?

Netflix and Hulu are perhaps the most watched on Roku. There are also Pluto, Tubi, Crackle, and Sling.

Roku offers a lot of channels to begin with. And you can always have access to some content that Netflix and Hulu offer for free. You can also use their free trials to benefit from their all content access for a period of time.

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