What is IPTV, How it Works, How it Differs from Internet and Traditional TV?

what is iptv? How IPTV works?

Though it is no news to many people now, I usually still stumble on the same question asked over and over, it has to do with what IPTV is, or how it works. This root question drifts to many other of its kind, like inquiring about the worthiness of using IPTV after all. This is … Read more

IPTV and Internet Speed: How fast should your bandwidth be?

IPTV & Internet speed

With the unprecedented expansion of IPTV throughout the world, and the great wave of new users joining this stream from traditional media content like cable or satellite TV, the question of the quality of IPTV service and maintaining the same level of user experience traditional broadcasting means are securing, become definitely the most important challenge … Read more